Hi, my name is Jasmine...

...and I have a problem. I'm addicted to buying furniture (when it's a good deal!).

I went out thrifting today, stopped by a new antique store downtown, and was good. I didn't buy anything (there...).

Then I ventured over to St. Vinnies, because they have TONS of furniture, and have had some good sales lately. It must have been my lucky day because when I drove up I saw a huge "75%off"sale sign! Long story short, I found some chairs that were calling my name, and of course I stopped by the Goodwill by my house, and found a dresser that I HAD to have. Nevermind I don't actually NEED this stuff, I couldn't pass up the possibilities these items would bring in terms of re-doing them!

{Todays finds. Please excuse the dirty garage}

{It's all in the details}

{Closer view. Needs a little love, but oh the possibilities!}

{Oh and I brought this mirror home with me too :) Stay tuned for updates on this one soon, it's already in the works!}

Do you forgive me for indulging in my addiction? ;)


Manic Monday...but it's done!

Happy Monday :) It's been a typical Monday for me, so here is a little something for you...

I've done it. Finally finished the TV stand!

I have been wishing for something like this forever...

I first stumbled upon this amazing TV stand over at Miss Mustard Seed's blog, the piece was made by Karli at Rocky Bella. I searched for something similar to paint and this is what I found (the bottom of a hutch, for a $teal!)

After sanding and priming, the initial plan was to paint it with my fav, Rustoleum's Heirloom White. That changed after painting the top in that color, and realizing it may melt into the background of my off white walls...so, back to Karli's TV stand I thought, and back to Home Depot I went, in search of a pretty olive (or in this case, oregano) green.

I L.O.V.E. the way it turned out!

Do you notice something missing from the original photo? Yep. We (and by we, I mean Tyler) used a sawzall to cut out the middle panel (the outer panels open). Our cable box wouldn't fit in without cutting that panel out and I like how it looks now!

These wonderful (sarcastically speaking) pictures were taken specially by my cell phone. I haven't been able to find the camera cord since we moved!

Make it Yours @ My Backyard Eden

PS: I love living in a house! Now onto the next DIY project :)