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I am in love with all things mustard/dirty yellow. I think I finally know what color I'm going to paint my side table!

What colors give you the warm fuzzies right now?


Peeling back the layers

I told you I would show you my little adventure with the chair. To remind you, I bought this beauty (cat not included) from Goodwill for $15. Initially, I thought about simply recovering it but since I wanted to paint it black, I decided to pull all the fabric off. I'm SO glad I did!

After first pulling off the velvet-like fabric on the seat, I found this burlap layer...not to bad but I wanted to strip this down to just the wood so I kept pulling out the next layer of staples and/or upholstery nails...

THIS is why I am SO happy I didn't just recover the thing. There was another layer below the burlap, mold covered canvas!!
It was disgusting. I'm glad I was working on this outside, who knows what kind of stuff I would be inhaling if I did this inside! Under the moldy canvas was the batting, or whatever was used like that, which was in pretty bad shape/falling apart.

On to the back, which had some surprises as well, and thankfully no more mold.

I peeled off the velvety layer, to find a hawaiian'ish flower print fabric.


And under that (I think I pulled the batting off already at this point) was some cardboard.

And here she is! Free of moldy, old, mismatched fabric!!

(did anyone notice that none of the top and bottom layers ever matched? lol)

Today, I am finishing painting! Forgive me for the pictures, I couldn't wait to show you so the paint is still wet :)
I used a couple of coats of Rustoleum black spray paint, I think she looks so pretty!

Who wants to wager on how long it will take me to actually reupholster the chair now that the paint is done?? ;)

PS -

Any advice on best ways to reupholster since I threw out the actual fabric that once covered it?

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