summer is here!

The weather has finally been nice here so we have been taking advantage of it and getting outside as much as we can!

{my excuse for not posting recently}

Since it has been nice, there have been more and more garage sales happening. That means so many opportunities for finding fun (and cheap) treasures! Anyways, I drove by a garage sale yesterday on the way to my parents house and noticed they had some nice looking furniture out front. I didn't stop, but returned after picking some snap peas (yummm) at my parents. I'm so glad I did! First thing I saw when I walked up was a little end table, with a nice little price tag! There was also a beautiful dresser but it wasn't priced as low, and I couldn't justify it even if I could have talked them down a bit. I immediately took the pricetag off the table and continued to look around the sale. I found two more great, old, mirrors, both of which I took home and worked on right away {one of which I'll show you below} :) I also got to work on the side table and have before and after pictures for you!

{Well, I lied. I don't have complete before pictures, I had started taping the mirror off then remembered, and already primed the side table before thinking to take a pic!}

who is that shirtless hunk ;)

And the after...

{I primed and then painted the mirror with chalkboard paint. I've made some chalkboards for friends, but this is the first one I'm keeping!}

Here is the little side table {already primed, oops!}

And the after...

{Painted in my fav, RustOleum's Heirloom White, and distressed a bit.}

Look at my little helper who snuck in as I was taking pictures :)

I'll share the other mirror, and our FIVE DOLLAR door later this week. Happy Summer!

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