Wall art

LOVE this!

"On rêve trop souvent les yeux fermés, il faut plutôt rêver les yeux ouverts."
Oh how I love vinyl wall art, especially when they are pretty like this, and especially when they are in French!! I grew up in the French Immersion school, and even though I took a five year break between 11th grade and college, I still love the language. Probably even more than I did back then. I never thought I would say I miss school, but I do miss French! I love the language, the sound of it, the memories that come from it, the culture, all of it!'
There's my little rant for the day :)
Hope you are all having a good week, and I promise I'll get those pictures posted of my exciting chair transformation soon!!



It may just be February, but we have had some oh-so-pretty days here recently! The mornings start off with something like a hazy fog, or like this morning, covered in frost, but around 9 or 10, the sun comes out and it is BE-A-U-TIFUL!
After being cooped up in the office all day long yesterday, I had to get outside! I rushed home, grabbed Mosley and we drove down the street (I know, I should have just walked haha) to the "ponds." I always drive by them on my way home/to work and they look so inviting. I caught some great pictures as the sun was going down.

Beautiful days like this make me love where I live :)


I wish

...that I could cook. Or did cook. It's not that I absolutely can't, I just don't. T is the cook in our relationship :) And a very good one at that! Anyways, the point of this rambling is that if I could cook, or did cook, I would have to have one of these beautiful aprons from Sugar Pie Chic (here's her Etsy page).

Maybe I would start cooking more if I had one of these lovelies to wear? ;)

Stay tuned for an update on the chair...


Where I've been

Sorry for the disappearance! I have been a busy lady between work, dance and life lately!

(c) Robert Browning, Emotional Light Play Photography

If you don't know me personally, which you probably don't, I dance in an amazing dance company called Dance NorthWest. We have had 2 shows already this month, with two more coming up, so that takes up most of my free time lately! I love it though :) Anyways, we had a photoshoot recently with an awesome photographer, Robert Browning of Emotional Light Play Photography (check out his website here). Here is a little snippet of me (as well as the pic above) :

(c) Robert Browning, Emotional Light Play Photography


THE Chair

What chair, you ask?

I have been stalking this chair at Goodwill waiting for them to lower the price...and after practically two weeks, they did! I snagged this pretty thing for only $15! It needs to be recovered (you can still see the old owners cats hair on it...ew) but hey, for $15 I'll replace that fabric! You can see that the animals love it too :)

What have I been doing besides buying more furniture lately? Well working a lot, and dancing a lot. My company had a show on Friday, rehearsal + photo shoot on Saturday, a show this coming Saturday, another show two weeks after that, and another (three night) show the week after that! I guess you could say this month is busy for us :) Maybe I can dance off all my holiday food!

Speaking of holiday food (and by that I mean candy), here are some pics of my valentines decorations...

Happy crafting!!
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