Photo Friday

On Thursday.

First a quick note, sorry for my absence! I just honestly haven't felt like writing, but I sure have been reading your blogs! I have been quite busy, even if I haven't been writing about it.

Remember her?

Here she is now {after a good sanding, coat of white, a smothering of walnut stain, and a couple coats of glossy brown on top to cover the...formica!}

I jumped on the burlap bandwagon

And made this pretty wreath.

AND I snagged some cute, cheap ceramic {?} apples!

{I promise they are red apples. You just have to believe me, because I'm in a black and white photo mood}

More projects to come soon! They are in the garage drying now.

By the way, I have to add this:


{they are awesomely kicking UCLA's rear-end as I type this!}