THE Chair

What chair, you ask?

I have been stalking this chair at Goodwill waiting for them to lower the price...and after practically two weeks, they did! I snagged this pretty thing for only $15! It needs to be recovered (you can still see the old owners cats hair on it...ew) but hey, for $15 I'll replace that fabric! You can see that the animals love it too :)

What have I been doing besides buying more furniture lately? Well working a lot, and dancing a lot. My company had a show on Friday, rehearsal + photo shoot on Saturday, a show this coming Saturday, another show two weeks after that, and another (three night) show the week after that! I guess you could say this month is busy for us :) Maybe I can dance off all my holiday food!

Speaking of holiday food (and by that I mean candy), here are some pics of my valentines decorations...

Happy crafting!!
Blue Cricket Design Show and Tell


  1. Congrats on the great chair you scored at GW! I'm sure it will be lovely once you recover it, and your cute pets seem to love it just the way it is!

    Kat :)

  2. That chair is pretty and has a lot of potential. I love the lines of the piece and the wood looks to be in good condition. A new fabric on the seat will make it a stunner!

  3. Thanks for the comments :) I love following your blogs!