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I stumbled upon the beauty that is Pinterest. I'm still figuring it out, but I like what I see.

{go there now}

On another note, I feel like owning our own home just makes me want to do so many projects! It gets overwhelming and I want to add another one to the mix. I want to redo our laundry room, which will hopefully get some new pretties {see, new washer and dryer!} soon. A girl can dream, right? Here is a pic of how it is now. A little blah.

{just imagine an old, but functional washer and dryer under the cabinets}

Here is some visual candy of what I hope it will look like {sometime} soon.

This one {below} is my fav. It seriously looks like an updated, way prettier, version of our space!

Source: houzz.com via Jasmine on Pinterest

Do you find yourself jumping around between projects? I think I just get new inspirations and have to jump on them!

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