Something Old is New

While over at my grandmas house for our weekly dinner date last week, I asked her about the photograph below. It had been sitting in her laundry room for a while, and she said I could have it if I wanted (of course I did!). In it (somewhere) is my grandpa's uncle. I might be a little crazy, but I am so excited my grandma gave this to me! It means a lot to have something from my grandpa's life since he just passed away last year. At the bottom it reads:

93rd Aero Squadron. 1919
"Just back from France"

I think I'm starting to love collecting more and more old things, I love wondering where they came from and what kind of stories they tell.

{you may notice some changes around my blog lately/in coming days, no worries, I'm just being indecisive about how I'd like it to look}
**EDITED 05/27/10**
After a little digging, I found out more information about the picture. Ok, it was more like I googled the title of the photo and found this site right away. It is amazing that there is a whole website about the 93rd Aero Squadron, with names, photos, and stories. I even found my grandpa's uncle after I realized his name was on the back of the photo I have. It's Robert Goetz, who, I found from the website, was a cook in the 93rd Aero Squadron.
Have you found out any stories behind old items you have?
(PS...I think I'm getting closer to getting my blog how I want it to look!)

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