our home

Thats right folks. OUR home. We are HOMEOWNERS!!

I know its been quite a while since I last blogged, but I hope to write more often, as I now have something very exciting to write about! Tyler and I bought a house! We got the keys last week, packed up our rental over the weekend and moved in!

Holy moly am I excited! I am just imagining all the fun projects I can do to/in this house! We already finished part of the one main thing we wanted to change in the house {Ms. Impatient here}. See, when we bought the house, the large, open, one-window living room had one wall painted dark red, and another painted dark brown. With brown carpet. It didn't look horrible, but it wasn't doing anything for the light in the room. We fixed that problem right away! So far we have primed both walls, will be painting the {formerly} red wall the same off white as the other walls, and painting the {formerly} brown wall....well, we don't know what color yet! That is our current debate. I'll show some pictures tomorrow of what I'm thinking. And for now, I'll leave you with a {camera phone} picture of part way through priming :)

Happy Tuesday!

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