a sidenote.

Because that's where my brain is.

I want to show you all this beauty...

{This} TV stand is one of the first projects I tackled and shared on this blog, but after a while, it just didn't cut it for our large TV. With the idea that a new house needs new {old} things, we went out on a search for a new {old} TV stand. Actually, I went out on the search, found it and brought Tyler to see it.

Only, *it* wasn't what I have pictured above. We went to St. Vinnies, purchased a much less pretty version. I was fine with it, was going to take it home and paint it, until we were wheeling it out on the dolly and they unloaded the above beauty. Fresh off the truck, and I wanted it!

So after a little finagling {I love that word!} we took it home instead!

What do you think? Oh, and it will be up against the wall we have yet to paint {he who shall not be named? haha}.

It's almost Friday!

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