a schmupdate {aka, a small update}

Not much new to report here. The walls still aren't painted. The lampshade is not in my home {yet, let's hope!}.

We currently have 5 different color options painted on the large wall. Crappy pic, but you get the idea (two were painted twice to see how they would look against the off-white).

{The unfinished wood will be painted white.}

A funny thing happened though, we bought a gallon of {what we thought was} the off-white to paint the {formerly} red wall. We painted the whole wall...

then we realized it wasn't the right color. FAIL!

It was, in fact, the color that is on the walls in the office. So, if we ever need to touch up those walls in the future, we have a whole gallon of paint! Presently, our {formerly} red wall still doesn't match the rest of the house.

On a better note, we did go buy the CORRECT off-white, but have been too lazy to fix the wall yet :) Maybe this weekend?

Happy ALMOST Wednesday!

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