Blueberries for dad

I had a Martha Stewart fail. And no, I do not mean commiting a crime worthy of going to jail  :)

I hosted a Father's day brunch at our house on Sunday (Tyler was out of town), and wanted to do something special for my dad since it was, after all, his day. He loves blueberries (sidenote, I don't), and I found a simple looking blueberry jam recipe on the Martha Stewart website. You can't get much easier than this: blueberries and sugar, should be easy right? I followed the recipe exactly (I'm sort of picky about things like that ), but it ended up coming out like blueberry syrup. And it was sweet, VERY sweet. Note to self, read reviews before making a recipe, it could help out! The syrup thing wasn't a total failure though, because we had belgian waffles at brunch! It has thickened up a little since then, but is still majorly sweet. Sadly, I don't think Tyler has even had any, and he loves blueberries just like my dad! Even if the jam was a fail, I took some pretty pictures.

{fresh blueberries}

{at least it looks good?}

{warming up the sugar. awkward process.}

{blueberry jam/syrup}

I'll admit, I do love a good Instagram photo :)


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