Photo Ledge

One of the things we loved about this house was the giant living room. Since it is so big, finding art for the walls has been a challenge. I browsed Pintrest on and off for forever, looking for inspiration. I was drawn primarily to photo ledges with groupings of pictures on them. I found my way to the amazing website of Ana White, seriously, if you haven't seen her site, check it out. She gives the easiest directions, and the best part is how cheap this project was! She isn't kidding when she calls them $10 dollar ledges. Its funny, even though they are 8 feet wide, I feel like they still look a little small on our huge wall!

{after we assembled and painted them}

{still missing a few pictures, but you get the idea}

{up on the wall}

{i love them}

{here is the whole wall, don't the ledges look small??}


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