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{warning: this post is wordy, but there will be beautiful furniture, I promise.}

I had the wonderful opportunity to go visit family in Ohio this past October. Having grown up and lived in Oregon my entire life, visiting my family in Ohio wasn't something that happened all the time. I got to go a few times when I was younger, but it has been well over 15 years since I last visited. This visit came about because it was time to celebrate my great-grandparents 80th anniversary. 80 years! Because it has been so long since I went to Ohio, I hardly remembered my great-grandparents and welcomed the invitation from my Grandfather to bring my dad and I out for the party. Unfortunately, my great-grandmother passed away only a few weeks before the anniversary party, so our trip to celebrate 80 years of marriage, was a trip to celebrate her life (although it was still about their marriage, 80 years is nothing to joke about!). 

My dad and I stayed with my grandpa, and it was a short trip, but it was well worth it. I got to see my great-grandfather for the first time that I can remember, and got to see/meet many more members of my extended family who live on the east coast! I also got to see my amazing aunt Linda, who I really really wish I could see more often.  While we stayed with my grandpa, he mentioned that (in knowing how much I love antiques) he would like my dad and I to pick out a few of our favorite pieces (his house is FULL of awesome items passed down through the family or picked up over the years). He would save these pieces for us specifically (for when he was no longer with us - I did not enjoy that part).  He went around his home, showing us what was what and telling us the stories that belong to each piece, that was my favorite part. My dad picked a little chair, bench, and an old butchers table. I picked a beautiful hutch/desk (I feel like it's not JUST a hutch, or JUST a desk, haha), and a drop leaf table.

We were excited about the {sometime} additions to our homes, but obviously could wait for the time to come when they would arrive, and headed home to Oregon. A couple of weeks later (or months?), I received a voicemail from my Grandpa - he decided to just give the items to us now and was shipping them to my parents house in the next few weeks!! I was so excited I could hardly stand it! I am so thankful that he shared these with me. I love old furniture, and when it is something that has actually been passed down to me, not just picked up at a thrift/antique store or garage sale, it means so much more. SO, with all that said, here they are!

{iPone pics are not perfect. oh well}
and go ducks :)

{SO blurry, but this is in our office and houses my crafts}

{i love it.}

{this pretty table is in our dining room and opens up to a decent size!} 

From what my grandpa told me, the hutch was possibly made by his great, great grandfather (who died in 1915!). That means it has been in our family 100 years! The drop leaf table was purchased from my grandparents neighbor in Bedford. I love that is has most likely been a part of many family meals and gatherings for years and years.

Thank you grandpa for passing these down to me.


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  1. Sweet Jasmine - you should send grandpa the link!