fancy feet

After reading my daily blogs today, I was feeling crafty, so I headed to the good ol' dollar store and then to St. Vinnies to see what I could find.

I didn't find much at the dollar store, but I feel like I hit the jackpot at St. Vinnies! Look at these fancy feet!

While this table looks horrible, I can see so much potential!
It is a lovely shade of gold on the top, and a blue/white antiqued color on the rest. It was very wobbly, but I already fixed that! Just a little Gorilla wood glue (and frog tape to hold it tight, haha), and she is as good as new!

I plan on sanding down and staining the top, and painting the rest in my fav, RustOleum's Heirloom White!

I'll show pictures when I finish her.

Now, here are some other treasures I have found recently {by the way, nothing in this post cost more than $10!!}

Bird cage-thingy? And old silver platter.

Another sweet find. This little side table was at one of my favorite antique stores, and on sale, at that!

This jar - I have been eyeing similar ones at St. Vinnies but they are usually too expensive. Today, it was 1/2 off, so it came home with me!

I did find something at the dollar store, these random doo-dads {hehe}. Two bag fulls = $2!

Hope you are all having a thrifty weekend!

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