tuesday monday {or monday tuesday?}

I spent almost all of yesterday thinking it was the 31st. That was a shocker when I figured out it wasn't, in fact, the last day of May.

But anyways, she's done!!

Just a reminder of what she looked like when I brought her home {frog tape added by me, to hold together the legs as the glue dried}.

And here she is in all her glory:

Ms. Fancy Feet herself.

I am in love.

{the facts: I sanded the top down entirely, and gave the rest of it a quick sand so the primer could grab on. Then I stained it in Minwax Dark Walnut (1x), let that dry, taped the top off, and primed the bottom. I let that dry and gave it a light sanding, then covered her with my fav, RustOleum's Heirloom White. When everything was dried, I topped the stain off using Minwax Wipe-On Poly(2x).}

In loooove I tell ya!
{Tyler loves her too}

Happy tuesday monday. Tomorrow is June 1st (already)!

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